Case Studies


Plaza Construction always took their internal events VERY seriously. Partially because their motto is: Our People are Our Greatest Asset. So their yearly company picnic is a big deal to show their appreciation to their team and connect on a deeper level. The format of the event staled over the years and H&C was tasked to liven things up a bit.
We first started by searching a new location for the event and although our eyes first fell on Key Biscayne, Plaza team preferred to stay in Coconut Grove. We ended up a Peacock Park which landed itself as the perfect location. Despite being a public space, we defined the event space with a white picket fence which gave it privacy and additionally branded the entrance with Plaza feather flags. When it came to entertainment, we had to step things up from a background sound track and instead we brought in Javier Garcia band for 2 live sets and a surprise performance awaited us from one of the employees of Plaza Construction. We had a ton of interactive games, from cornhole, to connect four, jenga, dominos as well as kids activities by Little Creative Souls (interactive painting) and floral crowns by Abbott Florist. When it came to food & beverage we opted out of a traditional BBQ set up and instead went for a mini food fest set up with 3 different vendors: Kabbas (Carribean Fusion) serving up Jerk-mojo chicken pinchos with sweet BBQ sauce and papaya slaw, humitas with smoked corn béchamel, charred corn salsa, pickled jalapeno and duck and manchego empanadas. Plus, our local favorite fare from Taquiza Tacos: a selection of authentic purple masa tacos of Camaron, Impossible Chorizo, Barbacoa and Pollo with fresh guac and quinoa salad with cactus vinaigrette. To top it off, for dessert, Peel Soft Serve brought in their vintage Piaggio scooter from which they served their delicious, vegan-based soft serve ice cream. H&C served up an awesome line up of refreshments with fresh juices from Miami landmark, Palacio de los Jugos. Let's not forget that the date of the event was March 8th, International Women's Day, so certainly all the ladies walked away with fresh flower bouquets.
Even though it was definitely a bold step away from the norm (we appreciate the trust), everyone walked away with a special memory. Straight from the president of the company (who is tough to please), he exclaimed that this was the best picnic yet--and those kinds of reactions are what we work so hard for. Check out the smiles on everyone's face. It was a fun-filled day of activities, live music and connections.