Case Studies


For those not familiar, Prism Creative Group brings some of the best community building and cultural impact that Miami needs so desperately. H&C Co partnered up with Prism to manage and execute all public programming as well as brand activations for conscious clientele that engages with the Support Local and Culture Crusaders ethos.
The goal of the partnership was to Streamline and create additional capacity for more and higher-quality community building events.
There is no better way to describe this relationship as symbiotic. It started as a coincidence when Prism had to plan a full-on album release party for a major artist with a 4-day notice. We're talking about finding the venue, sourcing the band rider, full catering for the guests, creating a welcoming tropical atmosphere, green roometc… long story short, we pulled it off and it started a much bigger conversation.
Well, we think pictures will speak for themselves to showcase the variety of events that we have produced together. From activations for the City of Miami Beach and Coral Gables to supporting our brand activations with Capital One and Stay Alfred, we are always exploring new ways to engage and bring something new to the table by bringing their conceptual ideas to life.