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Leaner, faster, more efficient & cost effective

I think it is a little ironic how advanced some of the products that we roll out for our clients are and yet a good chunk of our industry is still using Excel spreadsheets for invoicing. And yes, I am talking about some of the big guys too. The young entrepreneurs already have their CRMs in place and their clients Docusign and Venmo/Zelle money directly from their phones.

It's not just cool, it saves time, it simplifies the information flow, it collects data and as a result, generates $$$. In today's world, it's not the number of employees that makes the difference, it is how knowledgeable your team is and how well equipped they are. The 21st century workflow is changing. The "new generation" team member wants more flexibility, engagement & knowledge rather then less.

Time to upgrade your OS (Operating System)
Don't drive yourself Pineapples(or bananas), Change your Thought PROCESS!

I encourage a shift, a change, a movement. I don't know why the companies feel like they need to hide information from their own employees. Is it insecurity? The time span of innovation in today's world is less than 5 minutes. So why bother about competition and even more so, your own team members. The market today is about SPEED.

Allow for a little freedom, spend less time in endless meetings, create better and open source workflows, minimize "approval" needed. Utilize technology to YOUR advantage and constantly LEARN. That's the way to achieve COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Thankfully, there are so many tools available at our peril today and the cost is zero or very little. Instead of email, use Slack, instead of Excel contact spreadsheet, use Hubspot, Instead of Outlook, use Shift, instead of your old server, use G Suite, instead of your pen & paper inventory . These are just a few applications that are available to every business and depending on the complexity of the business, a custom solution can be created.

If it's not today, the technology will catch up to you. And if you don't want that to happen, let's catch up. Get in touch and visit us in our new office @ CIC Miami.

Hospitably Yours,
Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective

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