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Have you ever gone to an event and walked out wondering what it was about?

We have! And besides that it felt like it was wasted time, the host most likely spent money and time in vain or with minimal return.

Why does that happen?

The company decides to throw a party to celebrate their anniversary, roll out a new product or establish themselves in a new market.

Most of the time, the person who was given the responsibility, has a million other things to worry about. They have a marketing campaign to get in order, the guest list to send out, sponsors and partners to follow up with and now an event to plan.

And off they go with a checklist:

✔️Sound & Lighting

Sounds like we are about done here...NOT QUITE

We can resonate with a recent article in Business News Daily that shares the impact of experiential marketing on brand loyalty. "By involving your customers with the story, they feel connected rather than sold to, and this is a significant difference in how they see your brand."

And to create an experience you don't have to be Nike, Red Bull or Apple. And you don't even have to sell anything. You may want to gather your employees and reignite the team spirit or launch a new development (like we did here) and highlight its amenities. In today's world you have to engage and make attendants feel special.


And we are always here to guide you through the right steps so that your company benefits on the grand scale. It's all about the context. You may already have some components but feel like you need to amplify your presence. We can make the best use of your time by leveraging our expertise in the industry for your best interests.

Keep us in mind next time you think: I don’t want my event to be boring.

Until next week.

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Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective