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Well, we hope everyone is getting ready for the 4th of July celebrations and we are continuing with our newsletter after a little break.

It is a well known fact that we live in the culture of connectivity and with all its' glory it has had a tremendous effect on our processing powers. It seems like computers keep getting faster while the average human has less and less attention span. Which also leaves us in a constant reactive mode. But you are reading this to hopefully change this (no matter what role you are in).

We identified interruptions as one of the causes as to why individuals & companies don't put out their best work. But also, let's consider that people always follow by the path of least resistance, meaning generally we will lean towards behaviors that are easiest in the moment, given that there is no clear feedback on the impact of that behavior long term.

One of my favorite sayings by Bill Gates:

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Combining all of this, there are macro and micro solutions that you can leverage to your, your teams and your company's advantage. Most of them flow from the top down but we will talk about what you can do on the micro level too. An interesting concept for you to consider is: knowledge flows from the top down of the org, the feedback flows from the bottom up.

Here are a few concepts that you can implement:

1. Culture of Awareness

2. Genuine Interest/Passion through shared purpose.

3. Opportunities for deep work

To summarize then, on the macro level of your company (or our industry) creating the culture of "not busy", the culture of "long term", the culture of "deep work" is the solution. On the micro level, it is standing up to your boss at times and explaining why it is important to have a half day without interruptions to produce something meaningful. Now, without interruptions, means NO INTERRUPTIONS - no social media, no email, no calls, no distractions. And summer is a good time to pause and ponder as to how you can implement these strategies, because like every other habit, it takes time and the distractions will always be around the corner.

We'll talk more about solutions in the closing part of Fractured Attention next week.
As always,
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Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
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