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Event season is upon us. Well, actually, it has been now for a month (partially the reason you haven't heard from us). I know a good chunk of our followers are working on Art Basel activations, holiday celebrations and of course Super Bowl that's coming up early next year. As things get busier, exhaustion kicks in and creativity evaporates, we want you to know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! I'll elaborate later on what we can do to help you, but first I want to share with you a recent event experience.

This past weekend we produced a company's 25th anniversary at the iconic Miami Tower. We had the beautiful venue as the backdrop, top notch catering & decor, super fun entertainment and all other bells and whistles to make for a memorable celebration. A week before the event, the president of the company calls to say that he wants to make it quiet & professional. "But where is the celebration element?" we asked. So we found a compromise and started with a subtle playlist, rearranged our layout to create conversation areas and laid out a new plan with the entertainment team to slowly build up the energy. As a result, everyone got a chance to network and the president was on the dancefloor by 10pm. The purpose of the story is not to say how cool we are but rather share that BEING THOUGHTFUL pays off.
Why did I bore you with this story?

Of course it's challenging to plan an event when you have 17 other things going on. Putting a little extra effort into creating a THOUGHTFUL experience for your guests may seem like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

So here is a quick run down of how WE CAN HELP YOU BE MORE THOUGHTFUL:

1) Come and hang with us TOMORROW at the Support Local Mixer put together by our partners Prism Creative Group taking place at Love Life Cafe.

2) Follow our food journeys on Instagram as we explore and partner with some of Miami's hidden gems to bring you the best off site culinary experiences be that Nicky Jam's "Jammy Burger" by USBS, a modern twist on Mediterranean eats by Unique Catering Design, authentic Indian & South Asian flavors by our newest partners Maska Plated Catering or exquisite creations by Kilgore Culinary Group.

3) Step up your musical game with access to dozens of authentic local music bands of all styles & genres with Prism Recordings. Check out the Youtube Channelfor a few samples.

4) Finally, while all of the major venues are already booked for the Holiday season, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves to get you a sweet spot for your next event.
So, YES >>> Call, email, text, send snail mail, pigeons or whatever your preferred method of communication is, we got you!

As always,
We respect you | We do what we say | We always have your back

Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective