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Hi there, it's Alex and Catherine again, casually gracing your inbox from afar. Now that the cat's out of the bag and you've met Chef Pedro, we wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on three exceptional talents and personalities that make up a part of our diverse team.


Helping us curate the balance of customer service and operational integrity for our catered events starts with the dynamic duo of Julieta and Lea.

Julieta Lami Dozo | Event Sales Manager

Our Argentinean Secret Weapon, with a calm & composed demeanor, she's like our very own thermostat, keeping things balanced & level-headed. Don't let her serious expression fool you; it's just her concentrated face while she works her magic to make proposals look extra pretty. Often found at events, meticulously checking all the elements, ensuring that everything is picture perfect. Off duty, you can catch her playing soccer, hosting barbecues, or spending time at the beach with her dog Berlin.

Lea Llaveria Powell | Operations & Staffing Manager

A little "Bonjour comment ça va?" is her greeting often followed by her signature exclamation of "ah non" due to her deep French roots. Her passion for operations and logistics gets put to use making sure things run as smoothly as possible. Ready to conquer any logistical curveball the event universe might throw her way. A true citizen of the world, this French, Spanish, Haitian & Jamaican mix can be found exploring new places and satisfying her insatiable curiosity.


Ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently is Hector, who is known as our resident problem solver.

Hector Gomez Guilbeaux | Warehouse Manager

Our international man of mystery with a zest for adventure and a passion for precision. When he's not meticulously overseeing inventory and event pack outs, Hector can be found jet skiing across crystal-clear waters or exploring scenic routes on his trusty bicycle. With an unwavering attention to detail, he ensures that every aspect of warehouse operations runs seamlessly. Known as the resident fixer, he thrives on finding innovative solutions to any challenge that arises, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

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