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It is no accident that I asked you to Pause and Ponder last time. Yes, I talk about technology a lot but sometimes people take it the wrong way. They think that technology will speed up their work by speeding up the number of tasks that they execute. And partially, that is true, some of the tools that we use today give us a significant advantage. But by speeding up the processes we are creating "Busyness as a proxy of productivity". Our industry in particular is "always busy".

The further we are in the digital age, the less we can utilize the industrial age concepts that Henry Ford pioneered. Producing a piece of machinery in a given amount of time is the domain of the brick & mortar organizations and entry level staff. In the new age, it's our ability to learn and implement new and hard things and the capability to produce with quality & speed at elite level that is more important. And coincidentally more rewarding.
Organizations miss the opportunity to create more meaningful work because they simply don't have time. And they don't have time NOT because they have too much work but because they are not using their time effectively. This is where FRACTURED ATTENTION comes in. See, there is a simple Law of Productivity that's in play which goes something like this:

Quality Work Produced = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus

So let's say that you are putting in 50-60-80 hours in at work (or so you say, about that in the future) but what is the output? If you feel a void or your boss is unhappy with your work, chances are, you are not "producing" at the desired level. Here is the message for the BOSSES: if your team is not producing at the desired level, it's your fault first of all. Why? Well, we will not dive into this here. The bigger problem now is INTERRUPTIONS. This can be email addiction, social media, orders, employee questions, endless meetings and the list goes on.

Stay tuned to learn more how to tackle interruptions and "busy work" and create a productive environment in the next newsletter.

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