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Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone made it safely through 4th of July. Back to being "productive"? Or feeling like this week is never ending already?

Obviously, our industry is seasonal and now is the time to recharge the batteries but that doesn't mean that you can't create meaningful work.

So let's finish up with the last from the Fractured Attention series.
What can you implement on the micro level to fight the "busy" mentality?
Be actively irresponsible.

I am not saying don't do anything, but put your thoughts towards the solutions that will benefit long term and don't give in to the "urgent tasks".

Batch and schedule things
If you are doing meetings, dedicate a whole day to them but be careful. What happens is when you are jumping from task to task you end up walking into a new meeting with thoughts from a previous one. Hint: write things down or leave small gaps between meetings to recap with yourself.

Create Solutions that eliminate you out of the equation.
This is probably my biggest pet peeve. And this is where technology comes in handy. Whatever service it is that you provide, it needs to be easily accessible, just like Amazon has Prime. Obviously, use discretion but your industry peers & clients need to have access and understand your pricing model, price consistency, product inventory & it's depth to gauge the right match for an event. Believe me it's worth it long term when you can dedicate time to work on your business rather then in your business.

Don't get stuck in the email black hole.
That seems like the most mundane one. Yet by judging our newsletter's analytics, 60% get opened within first 30 minutes and 90% - within 90 minutes. Which leads me to believe that you spend an awful amount of time in your inbox. And yes, being available immediately is important, so please see previous paragraph.
Let's recap:

Quality Work Produced = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus
What does that mean for the boss?
BE the Culture of Awareness
ENGAGE Genuine Interest/Passion through shared purpose
GENERATE Opportunities for deep & meaningful work

What does that mean for the employee?
FIGHT the "busy" mentality
ELIMINATE interruptions
FOCUS on meaningful work

As always,
We respect you | We do what we say | We always have your back

Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective