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Focusing on What's Important

Last time we talked about how you can make your event better and we agreed that starting with a vision is the way to go.
What do you do next?

Focus on ONE unifying factor that would
most resonate with your guests.

Although hospitality begins with a smile(which should be a prerequisite for all businesses) it certainly does not end there. Hospitality goes further into anticipating what your guests desire without them even noticing it. Similarly to a professional waiter that anticipates and curates your experience at the restaurant, as the event host you are the curator for your guests.

For a group of fashion bloggers(hello Miami Fashion week) it may be a super creative photo op that compliments your designer collection, for a high end real estate development it may be exquisite ambiance and culinary experience that highlights the status of the development, for a non profit organization it may be amazing entertainment and tailored networking opportunities because you can shake off the stresses of the week while you mingle with new members that support the cause, for a group of forward thinking executives it may be an interactive gameexperience because their team is all about team-building and working with a collective purpose, for another group visiting a cultural destination may be the most important component.

You want to prioritize the one thing that would have the biggest emotional impacton your guests and at the same time tie your brand into it. The intersection of the two is where you want to be. And yes, it seems like there’s a lot of strategy involved. But that is also why we are here for you because once you’re finished with that brainstorming process and you’ve identified what you want to focus on, we can step in and help you coordinate, source and put together the team that will execute this event and take out the anxiety out of the actual event planning process.
And as you know by now, there is a plethora of tools and experiences that we can share with you to achieve your goal.
Stay tuned for a little visual eye candy next week!


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