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Let's talk about RELATIONSHIPS

Fighting the "Lincoln Road" phenomenon.

I am not talking about your romantic relationships, this is a professional newsletter.

Last week we talked about the power of networking and certain strategies for you to implement in your day to day routine. And let's hope you got that client but now, what's next?

I witnessed one too many times sales people fighting for "their" clients. And when I say fighting, I mean that an old client (whom nobody spoke to for 3 years) calls back at the main number and another sales person gets the lead. It drives me INSANE.

Let's put a couple of things in perspective:

#1 Getting a lead in your inbox is NOT sales (unless it's a consistent repeat client)
#2 You can't call somebody your client when you haven't spoken to them in years
#3 You are LAZY

Ok, don't take it personal. For those that know me well (here is a test of a relationship) are well aware that I'm about solutions not about creating more problems. And no, you are not doomed. Yet.

Shift your thought process.


You see, a lot of companies apply the "Lincoln Road" phenomenon to their business practices. Let me clarify: You go to Lincoln Road and get an overpriced (and most likely crappy) drink with little to no service or attention and the 18% gratuity is automatically applied. Nobody cares about the tourists because they will only see them once. How does that make you feel?...

Ok, so translating it into any other business: it focuses on maximizing one deal transaction but quite frankly are doing a disservice both to themselves and their client. If you are in the business of creating a sustainable, ethical and long lasting company and want to attract good clientele, you need to worry about client retention and repeat business.

Creating a RELATIONSHIP based on trust and transparency is key in achieving this goal!

If you feel like client loyalty is overrated, click delete on this email however if you care about creating long lasting relationships, we can go in more depth. Get in touch and we can create a plan that is right for you.

Hospitably Yours,
Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective

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