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Surely we still live in a highly consumerist economy today but a shift has been happening now for quite some time. If the 20th century was marked by the "Mighty Me" phenomena, we are slowly shifting away to the "Global We". And that leaves a significant mark on our personal and professional interactions. People crave authenticity in the world that seems increasingly fake and foggy. People desire connection as they are pulled apart by social media. The unifying desire then is to seek trust and create meaning.

As I peak into the new season and of course all the hype that it brings with it, I urge you to look for those two things: TRUST & MEANING. Those two elements create a momentum for meaningful work and meaningful relationships. It fosters ingenuity and genuineness. It creates a collaborative conversation within your organization or with your client. It breeds care which "boomers" often fathom is missing from our generation. It delivers more thoughtful results.
What else do I see in the new season?

More collaborations & more experiences. Business is no longer strictly a transaction. It's a commitment to a relationship of trust and meaning. It creates longevity and continuity. How you do business is just as important as why you do business in the first place. Status quo IS NOT acceptable. Bending the rules and breaking down barriers IS (so long that it delivers positive value to others). Good collaborations create "win-win" environments. In return these environments foster deeper connections. It's still capitalism but with a conscience.

We are a young organization and yet laying down the foundation based on trust and meaning has been the most empowering. Genuine Hospitality is not pretentious, it's real. It's the essence of being. Furthermore it attracts the sort of people that you want: clients, partners & peers. People that CARE!

And for that I would love to acknowledge our amazing partners Prism Creative Group that brings some of the best community building and cultural impact that Miami needs so desperately. I would also love to highlight our reunion with Catherine Vallin, an amazing hospitality ambassador and friend that will take on the duties of executing Prism events and more. (drop her a note catherine@hc-collective.com). As we talk about caring I have to mention a new platform that my talented better half has been working on: Since.life to help those in need of mental and spiritual support (and our industry definitely needs it). Oh wait, we also need to mention our new office location - MADE at Citadel ...plus there is a cool rooftop venue across the street. Swing by!

We will be rolling out a few new projects just in time for season so please keep in touch for special experiences for your events whether it comes to curated musical, wine, or culinary. There is a whole new world outside of our industry walls. ;)
STAY TUNED for More Hospitality!

As always,
We respect you | We do what we say | We always have your back

Alexander Lipin
Chief Experience Officer
Hospitality & Culinary Collective